A tarot reading is not absolute or by any means set in stone. You choose your fate!

You have the power to change course at any moment. You have free will.

These readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Non-Refundable. No returns. No exceptions!

100% accuracy is not guaranteed!

When purchasing a reading, it will show up as "Universe" on your bank statement. This is the platform I use to host my website.

I can not legally answer questions about financial matters, pregnancy issues, health issues, and I do not do third party readings.

Meaning, I will not read for someone without their consent. That includes questions like "How does X feel about me?"

Please ask for consent before gifting a reading. Some people are not in the space to receive this kind of guidance, and that is totally okay. Asking them first is always a good idea!

I am not a healthcare or legal professional. If you ask these questions, I will not answer them. If you have questions about financial matters, pregnancy issues, or health related issues, please seek a medical or legal professional to answer those questions.

As the Reader, I will offer my perspective and bring forward any guidance that wants to come through via my intuition and Spirit, but will not interfere with the freewill of the client. Any decisions made or actions taken by the client as a result of a tarot reading are the sole responsibility of the client.